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What is dynamic authorization?

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3 keys to re-evaluate your authorization management


On May 27, I had the pleasure to join the KuppingerCole KCLive event with several industry peers in

Modern Enterprise Authorization Management System


Gartner has an interesting article titled "Modernize Your Runtime Authorization" that highlights

Mastering GDPR and CCPA Compliance with Dynamic Authorization


Global regulatory legislation is a headache for almost every business, especially

Multi-Dimensional Security 101: A Beginners Guide to Attribute Based Access Control 


As new technologies emerge and hackers continue to develop new techniques, your enterprise data

Zero Trust Network Access Eliminates Wide Network Access Perimeters 


Network access security is quickly evolving as the amount of data produced by an organization

Secure your critical assets with dynamic authorization.


The fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive dynamic and externalized authorization solution available.

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Policy-driven dynamic data filtering and masking for relational databases, on-premise and in the cloud.

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Big Data & Cloud

Dynamic authorization for data in HADOOP systems and in the cloud.

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Why Customers Choose Axiomatics


The employees at Axiomatics are thought leaders and dynamic authorization experts, and authors of industry-standard access control language. We hold over 45 patents on our technology.

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Customer and Partner Approved

Many Fortune 1000 and government agencies already trust Axiomatics to protect their critical assets. Our on-premise and cloud-ready software easily integrates with other IAM technology and can work within existing infrastructure.

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Best-in-Class Software

With an average 10x gains in authorization response and 100 fold ROI on development time, our customers rave about our performance, stability and quality.

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