• Authorization is the last mile in an effective access management strategy

    You’ve added authentication, now add dynamic authorization for real-time, flexible access controls that meet’s today’s evolving, Zero Trust landscape.

Your business demands real-time, flexible access controls. Authorization meets that need.

Customers tell us authentication solutions deployed in the last decade have laid the foundation for the next phase of controls – authorization.

For more than fifteen years, Axiomatics has worked with some of the world’s largest and highly-regulated enterprises to deliver effective authorization as part of a successful access management strategy.

The must-haves for any authorization solution

Precision access

Authorize access with specific permissions and fine-grained controls to ensure day-to-day business continues uninterrupted, while data is protected and compliance maintained.

Unified policy

Policies should be managed from one location, applied across your organization to multiple applications. Let your development teams focus on what they do best – delivering the very best applications to market – without worrying about multiple, centrally-managed compliance regulations.

Quick and secure

Whether creating new policies or adding authorization to new applications, access controls should be delivered efficiently and effectively, so your organization is in control of what is accessed when, how and for how long, without causing a drain on your staff.

Maximum performance, minimum impact

Perform authorization without any measurable impact on speed of processing your policy and controls or on your end user’s ability to work, thus ensuring you protect the information that matters without slowing down your business.

Insight that’s accessible…for everyone

A non-technical audience should be able to understand your security policies, via visibility of all access policies and metrics from a single source, which they can use to generate reports and prove compliance.

A flexible, customizable, policy-based authorization platform

Our centralized, simplified approach removes the burden from your developer team, who would otherwise be on the hook to code and manage authorization functionality separately into each application, while ensuring compliance and security policies are properly engaged.


Evolving from RBAC to next generation ABAC

To ensure secure access, enterprises can no longer afford to define authorization policies based solely on a user’s role.

That means evolving an existing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model to an Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) model.

Axiomatics Deployment Methodology

The Axiomatics platform integrates with your existing infrastructure and application stack, simplifying your ability to infuse authorization within applications and reducing the complexity of authorization deployment tasks.

Trust no one – Authorize

At the core of Zero Trust is the central theme of “Never trust, always verify”.

While incredibly straightforward, this is challenging to not only put into practice, but also to maintain on a continuous basis.

Continuity is key, as “always verify” addresses an ever-increasing number of users and devices requesting access to networks, assets (like applications and APIs) data and processes on a constant basis.

Though no one solution can address a complete Zero Trust strategy, authorization provides fine-grained details and context that is paramount, as it gives you the confidence necessary to know your ability to “always verify” is reliable.


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Why enterprises are choosing Axiomatics

Some authentication solutions apply a binary approach to requests – either the requester either gets access or they don’t. This often doesn’t reflect real-world access scenarios.

There are times you need to authorize access with added caveats that reflect certain levels of access based on your security policy rules. This is the fine-grained access control that you can achieve while still ensuring 100% zero business impact.

The Axiomatics difference is how we use attribute sources within your organization to enable policy application in real time and without any impact to your business.

Attribute-based access control (ABAC) that reflects your security policies and has zero impact on your business – that’s the power you get with Axiomatics.

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